SV650 Cafe Racer – Modern Interpretation

So this isn’t just slapping a set of clip-ons or clubman bars on a wrecked SV650S. This is a great conversion into something unique that I’ve never seen before.

Key highlights for me are the spoked wheels and the dual high pipes. It clearly has a very modern flavor to it, but I think that is alright. This is a great interpretation of the cafe racer concept, and I really like it!

SV650 Cafe Racer


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  1. Chris on

    I built that bike! Thanks for the comments,a modern interpretation of a cafe racer is what I was shooting for!

  2. Shawn on

    I just found your blog and Man I gotta say you have good taste, the guy who built this bike is a good friend of mine, the amount of construction and and time in this bike is extensive but the best part is that aside from the machine work to fit the Harley wheels its all home grown, the most impressive part is the hand fabricated swing arm and the bike rides as good as it looks, it does go to show that some of the coolest things do not allways have O.C.C painted on them

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