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I’m experimenting…

No, not with that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m experimenting with the look and feel of the blog. In case you haven’t noticed, I changed the header. I do love cafe racers. I also love writing, and sometimes that may be just what I do. It might not have anything to do with cafe racers (or even motorcycles), but most of the time it will.

This is no Motorcycle Daily. I refuse that. I will not be reporting on the MotoGP results this weekend. I will not be reviewing the latest 600 super sport bike. I will not be pretending that a 3 sentence blog post about a press release is breaking news.

I will be sharing my feelings about motorcycles with you. And cafe racers. And rides once my bike is back in running form. And thoughts about my life and motorcycles.

And if it sucks, please let me know.

I don’t want to waste your time. Really. I know you’ve got better things to do than surf the web (maybe). And I should probably be doing something different right now, too.

Oh well. Have fun riding this weekend. I’ll try to get my oil change done, and maybe that will help things out.


SV650 Cafe Racer – Modern Interpretation

So this isn’t just slapping a set of clip-ons or clubman bars on a wrecked SV650S. This is a great conversion into something unique that I’ve never seen before.

Key highlights for me are the spoked wheels and the dual high pipes. It clearly has a very modern flavor to it, but I think that is alright. This is a great interpretation of the cafe racer concept, and I really like it!

SV650 Cafe Racer

Cool Minimalist CB500

Not sure of the exact model of bike (CB500/550?), but I like it! Cool chopped down minimalist bike.

(And this blog linked to mine… 😀 )

Cool Bike on an Italian Blog

Seeley CB750 SOHC Frame (and other stuff)

What’s my deal? Another project bike. But this one is way cooler!

I used to race in one of AHRMA’s modern bike classes (Formula 3 Twins), but I always wanted to race a cool classic bike. This would sure make a cool start to an AHRMA project!

Although the frame is the cool piece of kit in this auction, I really like the tank! I want to do something like that for my sportster, but I haven’t prioritized that high enough in my budget to do so…

And did you notice that I used the word “cool” three times in three paragraphs? Doh!

Seeley CB750