1973 Triumph Daytona Cafe Racer

What a cool Frankenbike! No, not like Al Franken…

I really like seeing a bike that uses parts from multiple different donors creatively and with style. It’s easy to throw crap on a bike and call it a day (use any of my old race bikes as examples of this), but it is difficult to do it in a manner that actually improves upon the concept at hand.

Take this Daytona… Front brake from a period Suzuki, Marzzochi forks from a Guzzi, custom exhaust, and a Lucas headlight. Who the hell brags about Lucas headlights, anyways?!?!? The headlight not withstanding, I really like this bike. A good recreation of what could have been done at the approximate time this bike was originally delivered from the factory.

1973 Triumph Daytona Cafe Racer


2 comments so far

  1. Curtis Odom on

    I love it; but then I built it.

  2. Curtis Odom on

    The headlight bucket and lens are Lucas; The reflector; socket; and bulb are Japanese.

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