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Nothing to do with cafe racers, but…

…my friend, Fireball Cheng, sent me this link. He doesn’t like motorcycles particularly (a car guy), but he thought I would like this. Ha. Even I wouldn’t do that, and I’ve ridden across I-10 on a Goldwing with the cruise control on for 50 miles while I sat on the rear seat. That was comfy!

Kudos to this psycho for surviving even for the duration of this video!!!

Moving on…

So it was about 3 years ago, almost 3 years exactly, that I rode my motorcycle from Ohio to California. Did it non-stop, too! Thirty-nine hours straight through, with one 15-45 minute nap crossing New Mexico. It was all good, though. I had a Ketel One martini waiting for me at the end of the trip.

I’ve got to tell you that a 3.3 gallon tank makes for a lot of gas stops in 2400 miles. Twenty-two to be exact.

Anyways, I was on my way to Laguna Seca, nominally. I was going to the 2005 MotoGP weekend. But I had another goal in mind. I was also interviewing at eBay.

I ended up getting a nice sunburn in Monterey, and a job at eBay. Wow. 3 years ago. Nicky Hayden won that weekend. Hometown (home country) boy makes good. And so off I moved to California, family not in tow.

Family followed later, then worked hard for a couple of years, then started a divorce, then was told I have a short period of time at eBay to improve or you’re out of here.

So it looks like I am moving on down the road.

I’m not complaining. Shit happens for a reason. A few months ago I said that it couldn’t get any worse. Heh. Tempt the fates and you get bit in the ass.

So what does this have to do with cafe racers?!?!? Nothing. Sorry about that. Not the end of the blog, but really about a new place for me. Who knows where I will end up. Between this and that other post, I really sound like a whiney bitch. Oh well. Moving on, and hopefully there will be some cool cafe racers posted here tomorrow…