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Clean CB400 – Fully Cafe’d

This looks like a cool, ready to ride bike. I really like it! The paint is done well (from a design perspective), and it looks pretty clean overall. Maybe I need to start a project like this…

CB400 Cafe Racer

MotoGP at Laguna Seca

So I have a chance to go to Laguna Seca. Possibly with a press pass. How cool its that? My girlfriend might get to go too.


That is the last weekend before my house sells at auction due to foreclosure. How much does that suck!?!?

I am thinking that I should spend that weekend making sure that the house is empty and I haven’t left anything behind. Almost everything is moved at this point. The only big things I have to move are some large pots. The plants are dead now, but the pots might be able to hold something else.

I really want to go to the MotoGP. I went in ’05. But maybe this time isn’t right…

What is up with me today? (XLCR?!?!?)

Is it Harley day or what? I just found this bike. It’s local to me, too. Too bad I can’t afford it… 😦

For those of you who have ever seen the movie “Black Rain”, this bike was the star (not Catherine Zeta-Jones’s husband). However, this particular version has some nice upgrades that are very sweet! Ohlins shocks, Progressive fork springs, braided lines, and a rebuilt motor. Nice details like a drilled rear rotor, also.

I wish Harley (and other manufacturers) would build bikes like this. Wait… They do! Thruxton, GB500, etc. :-/

Harley XLCR